Cornerless Crowding Tubs

Bud Box VS Cornerless Crowding Tub

The two main options for moving cattle from your holding pens and sorting alleyways to the squeeze chute are the BUD BOX or Crowding tub. The reasons that LAG is urging people to use the cornerless crowding tubs over the bud box is for personal safety ,ease of use, and lower stress. Many experts say that using a bud box is the only way to get cattle to work because they will only exit in the direction that they came in. With the bud box that is the only option you have is letting the cattle do what they want unless you get in with them, This is where the cornerless crowding tub excels in working cattle because you can push cattle with the crowding gate where they need to go and never have to step foot in the pen with them.

120 Cornerless Crowding Sweep Tub
120 Cornerless Crowding Sweep Tub
90 Cornerless Crowding Sweep Tub
90 Cornerless Crowding Sweep Tub
90 Cornerless Crowding Sweep Tub
120 Cornerless Crowding Sweep Tub
180 Cornerless Crowding Sweep Tub
180 Cornerless Crowding Sweep Tub

Cornerless Crowding Tub Specs

LAG Industries cornerless crowding tubs are made with angled sections instead of being rolled like everyone else on the market to allow the user access or exit from anywhere inside the tub. All crowding tubs from LAG have 5’ exits around the whole outside perimeter of the crowding tub with cowboy latches that are easy to reach for any operator but un-reachable by the animals. The other great options that come standard with LAG cornerless crowding tubs are dual 30” exits and the eliminator gate which moves with the crowd gate eliminating the pie shaped corners that are always a hassle in the other tubs. The other great thing that the eliminator gate does is that it creates an 8’ alleyway inside of your cornerless crowding tub.

The cornerless crowding tubs from LAG are built with all new #1 steel. The Frames are 2” x 2” x 11ga Square tubing. The rails for all of the exit gates in the crowding tub sections are 1 1/2” x 14ga High Tensile Tubing the same as used in our heavy duty continuous fence panels. All of the sheeting used on LAG cornerless crowding tubs is 14ga. The crowding gate and eliminator gate are made with 1 5/8” x .100 tubing to make them extra heavy duty to handle being used for generations to come.

The sheeted Height on the LAG cornerless crowding tubs is 57 1/2” this is the same height as our alleyways so that everything looks uniform and is high enough so cattle cannot see over but you can easily reach the animals. The cornerless crowding tubs have latch bars every 16” around the crowding tub that the spring loaded latch automatically catches as you push the crowd gate around.

Rear Gate Options


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