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Our Horse stalls are built with 2x2 square tubing minimum of 11ga thickness frames. The vertical bars on the horse stalls are 1" od 13ga and are spaced 3" apart. The overall height of the horse stalls are 84" and there is a 5" space at the top of every panel for forklift access. The sliding doors on the front come standard as a 42" opening and can be modified if needed, they are hung with the heavy square barn door track. The Horse stalls easily bolt together and can be customized to fit to any situation as need length or height. The track for the lumber on our horse stalls is made with 1 1/2" x 1/8" flat strap not the thin formed channels that many other use.

Horse stalls will be offered in hot dipped galvanized, bare steel, or powder coated to your choice. 

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