Cradle Style Hay Saving Feeders

LAG Industries combines the best of both worlds with the cradle style hay saver bale feeders. Having the bales elevated off the ground eliminates waste from bale rot and the storage that is created underneath the feeder keeps cattle from stepping and laying on the hay that they drop. The single cradle style hay saver feeders are 90” wide and 7' long this allows them to handle either one 4’x6’ bale or one of the 5’x 6’ bales with ease. They come with 2 3/8” heavy pipe runners so that they can be drug from one field to the next easily that have 3/8” chain hooks welded on them to be able to hook a chain to. The spacing of each gap where the cattle eat is 15” so bulls can get in to eat but with the elevated style calves will not get into the feeder.

The LAG cradle style hay saver feeders are also available in a double to hold 2 of the 4' x 6' bales or one 5' x 6' and also in a triple length to hold 2 of the 5’x 6’ bales or 3 of the smaller 4’ x 6' bales. 

All of the cradle style hay saver feeders have two 2 3/8” pipes inside of the feeder that the bales will slide across like an inline hay trailer except the sheep and goat feeders.

All of the LAG cradle style hay saver feeders are available with a gate in the end to make loading with a rear tractor spike or truck spike. The hay saver feeders are built plenty heavy enough and short enough so they can be loaded with a bale bed or with a tractor and loader over the sides. These hay saver feeders are also very easy to load onto the back of a pickup and bale bed with 2 small pieces of chain or they can be picked up with pallet/bale forks.


Hay Feeder Dimensions


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