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Portable Panels

LAG Industries makes portable panels in 8’ 10’ 12’ and 16’ Lengths. These panels are built with 1 5/8” x 14ga round tubing so they are very durable and will handle the stress and rigors of everyday use. The ends of the panels are 1 1/2” square tubing and they stand 5’ 8” tall and the bottom rail is 12” off of the ground. They have a mud foot on them that will keep them from just sinking down in the ground like a straight leg panel. The panels have solid rod uprights spaced 40” or less and connect to one another with interlocking pins and tabs instead of loose and floppy chains.




LAG Bowgates and open bow frames make setting up a portable corral quick, easy, and safe. The bowgate frames are made with 2” square tubing and connect to the portable panels with pins and tabs. The gates that are in the bow frames are made with the 1 5/8” x 14ga round tubing and the overall height when they are hung is 5’8” same as the portable panels. The gates come standard with spring pin latches and chains for added safety. The Overall height of the bowgates is 7’ so that there is plenty of clearance under the top rail when you are walking through. Standard sizes in bow-gates and open bow frames are 3’, 6, 8’ ,10’ and 12’.
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