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The Brackman Family photo at the grand opening of LAG Industries in La Monte Missouri
Meet the Brackmans

LAG Industries LLC, is a family owned and operated custom metal fabrication company based in La Monte Missouri. LAG was formed in January of 2016 and is a partnership between Bart & Brenda Brackman and Bradley & Nicole Brackman. LAG Specializes in top of the line livestock handling equipment, rolled steel feed bunks, hay saving feeders, pipe, heavy duty gates and fence to support all sectors of the livestock industry.

The Meaning Behind LAG

LAG stands for (Lane, August, Gracie) whom are Bradley and Nicole’s children.


Bart and Bradley have both been involved in raising cattle of their own for many years giving them a good working knowledge of the equipment that we will be building and selling. Along with the knowledge of livestock handling equipment the owners also consider and use many of the ideas brought forward by their customers and prospects to improve on their livestock equipment and products.

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Bart Brackman

Owner / Sales

Bart is in charge of the outside sales, farm shows and also delivers all of the LAG products that have been sold

Brenda Brackman


Brenda while at the shop is in charge of bookkeeping. She will also accompany Bart to the Farm shows to help market the products from LAG

Bradley Brackman

Owner / Manager

Bradley runs the day to day operations of the shop, handles purchasing and inside sales.

Nicole Brackman

Owner / Metal Art Designer

Nicole designs and finishes all of the custom signs and artwork sold by LAG 

Lane Brackman

The "L" in LAG he is the middle child of Bradley and Nicole

Gracie Brackman

The "G"in LAG she is the oldest child of Bradley and Nicole

August Brackman

The "A" in LAG he is the youngest child of Brad and Nicole

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