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Calving Pen

LAG Industries calving pen is a 12' x 9' Pen.
The Bowgate frames in the front and rear stand 7' tall and the gates and panels stand 6' tall. 

Along with all other LAG products the calving pen will last longer and be more cost effective in the long run if it is hot dipped galvanized but can also be purchased in bare steel. 
he LAG calving pen allows you to bring cattle in from the rear or the front as both gates will crowd around and latch creating the alleyway to hold the cow in place. The side panel at the headcatch and also the crowd gate of the calving pen have a flip up access panel to allow calves to nurse or for work to be done on the lower half of the animal. 
The bowgate frames are made with 2" x 2" Square and the panels are made with 1 5/8" x 14ga round tubing along with 5/8" solid rod braces.  
The LAG Calving Pens come standard with a For-Most self-catch Head Gate. If you would like any other type of headgate installed on the pen just request that at the time of your order.

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