Rolled steel Feed bunks


LAG Industries rolled steel feed bunks are the best on the market for safety, strength and durability. The LAG Advantage is that the rolled steel feed bunks have a flat bottom so if an animal gets into the bunk they can get back on their feet. The other advantage to the LAG rolled steel feed bunks is that they still have the rolled corners so feed cannot pack into the edges like it will in straight sided bunks.

ALL LAG Rolled Steel Feed Bunks come in 8' sections. These can be purchased as just the blanks, bunk building packages, or as completed bunks to the length you need up to 40'

LAG Industries offers 4 different types of rolled steel feed bunks

J Bunks

Silage Bunks

Grain Bunks

Hanging Creep Bunks


The photos below are of each of the different sizes of rolled steel feed bunks offered by LAG. Click on the pictures below and the description will explain what is shown. These photos also show some of the different ways that fenceline feeding can be done with rolled steel feed bunks from LAG. Putting continuous fence 

30" Silage Bunks with Feed Panels
LAG Fenceline Feed Panels
Installing 30" LAG Rolled Steel Bunk
LAG Rolled Steel Silage Feed Bunk
LAG 16' Rolled Steel J Feed Bunks
LAG Fenceline J bunk
LAG Fenceline J bunk
LAG Creep Pen and bunk
LAG Creep Pen and bunk

LAG  J  Bunks are  38" wide and the back of the bunk is 12" taller than the front and are rolled from 1/4" plate

Silage feed bunks are  30" wide and 14 1/2" deep and are rolled from 1/4" thick plate

Grain feed bunks are 20" wide and 9" deep and are rolled from 3/16" thick plate.

The feet for the bunks are also rolled and have a large flat pad so they drag easily and also will not sink in the mud and manure as easy.


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