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Continuous Fence Panels

LAG Industries makes 20’ continuous fence panels with all #1 new steel. These continuous fence panels will work great for a multitude of projects and will save you time and money over other types steel fencing. The continuous fence panels are heavy enough for heavy crowding areas, bull pens and they can be used for driveway fence or yard fences. LAG makes continuous fence panels with 1 1/4” x 14 ga high tensile tube or with 1 5/8” x 14 ga high tensile tube. The continuous fence panels that LAG industries builds come in 4 rail, 5 rail, 6 rail and 7 rail panels.
6x6 Continuous Fence Panel
6 x 4 continuous panels
Continuous Fence Panels
Continuous Fencing
6 Bar LAG Continuous Fence Panels
LAG 7 Bar Continuous Panels
6 Bar Continuous Fence Panels


LAG offers any and all of the continuous fence panels with either 4 vertical braces or 6 vertical braces. The braces are made with 5/8” solid rod and not the flimsy flat strap that many competitors try to sneak by with. The flat bar panels will never hold up to any kind of pressure or abuse. With LAG continuous fence panels you can put your posts (wood or steel) on 10’ centers and never worry about your fence not holding up. The braces of the panels are bent above the bottom rail and below the top rail to make smooth edges.

Continuous Panel Sizes and Specs 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" Round Tubing
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