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Why Hot Dip Galvanizing is best

LAG Industries offers all of their Squeeze Chutes, Adjustable Alleyways, Cornerless Crowding Tubs, and all other products in hot dipped galvanized after fabrication. The reasons LAG chose this method over wet paint, powder coating and pre galvanized are:

  • Most durable coating available

  • Inside and outside of every tube/rail is coated

  • Galvanizing will not just flake off like paint so products will last 2-3 times longer than the competition

LAG Squeeze Chute
Side view of the LAG Squeeze Chute
Adjustable Alleyways
LAG Adjustable Alleyways are available Custom or Standard to fit every need
Calving Pen
LAG 12' x 9' Calving Pen
LAG Cornerless Crowding Tub
Cornerless 90 Degree Hot Dipped Galvanized Left Hand Tub
Portable Panels and Bowgates
This is a corral system built to break down and move from farm to farm
Loading Chutes
Hot dipped galvanized Loading chute by LAG with a catwalk, pot loading ramp and also a ground load side.
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