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Swinging Gates

Heavy Duty Corral Gates

LAG Industries makes some the strongest and most durable gates available to use in corrals. Standard sizes are an issue no more for your gates as LAG will build every gate to fit the opening that you give them so all of your gates will swing both ways if you need or however you want. The gates are made with 1 5/8” OD pipe that has a .100 wall. These crowding gates have all of the rails coped to fit to the end posts and each upright is coped to fit in between the rails which gives you the most strength. Uprights on all LAG products that are coped to fit between the rails are spaced less than 48” apart no matter it be gates, crowding tubs, alleyways or anything else that we build. These gates are available with built in spring latches, slide latches and all of them come standard with a 3/16” proof chain and latch. The gates can be built to be used on steel pipe with weld style hinges or can be used with bolt on hinges to go to wood posts. 5 rail , 6 rail , are 49” tall just like the continuous panels or 7 rail are 60” tall this way when you build a corral with LAG prod-ucts everything will look uniform.

Pasture Gates

LAG Industries also offers standard duty gates to be used in larger lots, pasture and driveway entries. These gates are built lighter weight so they do not cause as much stress on the posts that hold them and also because there is no need for Heavy gates in low/non pressure areas. The standard duty LAG gates are built with 1 5/8” x 14ga round tubing and have 5/8” solid rod braces. The rails of these gates are still coped to fit the end posts so they still look professional and the rod uprights are bent the same as our continuous fence panel uprights to keep all raw edges clean. With any product LAG makes using the rod up-rights the spacing is always 40” or less to ensure that they will hold up for generations. Custom lengths is again no problem with these either and they can be set up for wood or steel post hinges. Standard 3/16” chain and latch included but can be upgraded to spring latches or slide latches also. 5 rail , 6 rail , are 49” tall just like the continuous panels or 7 rail are 60” tall this way when you build a corral with LAG products everything will look uniform.


  • Weld on style hinges

  • Wood style hinges

  • Square tube hinges

  • Bolt on wood hinges

  • Universal hinges


  • 3/16” Chain and Chain Latch

  • Spring latch with Strike Plate

  • Slide bolt latch

  • Custom style latches available upon request

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